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Betting On Football A Simple Guide from The Sportsman

Sportsman’s Guide to Betting on Football

The popularity of football betting in the past decade has skyrocketed. This is because bookmakers offer an array of betting markets, from the most obvious to those that are ridiculous. It’s not too late to get in on the action with the World Cup just around the bend and Premiership, SPL, and National Leagues all following shortly after.

The Sportsman UKs latest daily newspaper is also a website that focuses exclusively on racing and betting in sports. So who could be better to walk you through these basics than The Sportsman?

It’s true that betting is filled with jargon. But it’s actually not as complex as people think. Most popular in football is match betting. This includes the more straightforward bets such as who wins the World Cup, Premiership or the World Cup itself.

First, remember that betting is not two horse races! Most people mistakenly believe you’re betting on England or Sweden winning the match. Of course, you can, but ignore the draw to your own peril. As bookmakers will only payout on the match score following the 90 minute mark, extra time won’t count. And anyone who is familiar with football knows there are many draws permainan 2up.

Who will be the first to score is another popular bet. Although this bet is obvious and attractive, it is difficult to get correct. Many bookmakers have introduced a bet with a different payout that allows you to place a wager on a crucial winner. In this case, your choice of play can score any time in the match. You can finish your first-scorer bet in just one minute. With to score at any moment during the game, you can place it anytime until the last whistle.

Another popular option is to bet on the exact score. However, this can be more difficult. Most bookmakers instead bet the number of goal in a particular match. The correct score does not have to match the total number of goals.

It is also the odds that can be confusing to those who are new at betting. What do 6/4 and 7/2 mean? Most people understand that 3/1 means you stake 1 to win 3, but you will also receive your bet back if your win. Your total return is 4 (a 3 profit). If you divide the numbers on the left and right, you will get the odds for a single stake. For example, 6/4 is 1.5. To find this out divide by 4. As an example, the 6/4 example is equivalent to 1.5/1. Your stake plus 1.50 is returned if you wager 1 at 6/4.

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