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How to Be Lucky When Gambling in Casino SSIPLAY

As anyone who has gambled at any casino, racetrack, betting on horse racing or playing any other type of game of chance will tell you, luck is the most important aspect of gambling. Some people seem luckier than others. This is the reason why you hear the old saying, “I’d prefer to be lucky than be good.” This is so true. Good luck can get you through any situation.

Although most people believe it’s impossible to change your fate or fortune, it may be false. Science has proven that there are instances when people win more than they lose. Professor Dean Radin looked at four years’ worth of data collected from casinos to create his book, “The Conscious Universe.” He was trying to determine if there was a correlation among the phases of the moon and the strength Earth’s geomagnetic spheres. Also, he wanted to know if casino payout percentages were affected by these factors. The Earth’s magnetic field is at its weakest when the moon is full. Professor Radin believes there might be some connection between Earth’s magnetic fields, moon, psychic abilities, gambling, and other human activities.

Professor Radin mentions one scientific study which showed that psychic abilities increase during the full moon. They then seem to diminish during the quarter moons, and increase again during a new moon. The fluctuations in psychic abilities may also be related to luck. Four years of casino data revealed that payouts increased during the full moon, while they decreased at other times. It is possible that our intuition and psychic abilities can help us win. This could be because we know when the next slot machine will pay out or whether we are going to hit a 13, at the blackjack table, which horse will win the race, etc. It is possible to use intuition for poker players’ benefit โจ๊กเกอร์เกม.

His conclusion was that if gamblers avoided casinos during quarter moons and only gambled at the full moon, it would reduce their losses and even make them a profit. These generalizations are not intended to induce gamblers. But they offer promise to help you understand how to be lucky.

This trend was not seen in lotteries. Pick 3 style lotteries paid out higher during the quarter moons, and less during the full moon. Once again, magnetic field fluctuations seem to have an influence. The strength of the earth’s magnetic fields or the phase of a moon won’t guarantee you a win. However, it might be worth starting to track your winning days on a calendar. You can then see where they fall according with the phases of the moon.

Another study has shown that positive attitudes and an expectation of winning make people more likely to win. This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? It is possible to make decisions that will benefit you if you expect to win. You won’t care too much about where you sit at the blackjack table if you don’t expect to win. However, if you want to win, you will spend more time looking for the right table. This is because the people who are playing at the table seem happier and more satisfied. It may not be something you do consciously but it could happen subconsciously if you have a winning mindset and expect to win. There are many choices that we make when it comes to gambling, whether we choose to gamble at the casino or on horse racing.

Keep track of your winnings and losses and the phases of each moon. You should also keep a positive mindset. You might win if it’s a good day for taking a chance. But if you’re expecting to lose, or don’t feel lucky enough, you may want to save money until you feel like the earth’s fields or moon are working for your benefit.